Statement from the Pontifical College Josephinum, in Response to the Vatican’s Announcement of the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

February 11, 2013

The news from the Vatican today of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation from the Petrine Office on 28 February 2013 is an occasion of deep significance for the Catholic Church and for people of good will throughout the world.

We are extremely grateful for the spiritual and human gifts with which God endowed Pope Benedict XVI, who has generously and fruitfully used these gifts to serve the Church as theologian and as bishop. His writings and his pastoral service have fostered in the world a profound awareness of the beauty and significance of our communion with God, of the dignity of the human person, and the solidarity that exists among all members of the human family.

With overwhelming gratitude for Pope Benedict XVI’s service as Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church, we join our prayers to his own, asking Our Lady to intercede for the Church and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the cardinal electors in their election of a new Bishop of Rome.

Above: Seminarians from the Josephinum serve Mass with the Holy Father in January 2012.