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The Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning is the educational process or system in which the instructor is separated geographically or in time from the learners, or in which learners are separated from one another or from other educational resources. The Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate at the Josephinum is conducted via computer and electronic technology, connecting deacon-learners and deacon-facilitators in either real or delayed time on an as-needed basis.

The Josephinum’s Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate is:


Program participants can fulfill the continuing-education requirements of the National Directory while avoiding the inconveniences of travel and time away from home and family. The distance learning programs developed by the Josephinum may be accessed through a basic home computer. Programs are specifically designed to operate effectively using commonly available software and require no costly additional investment on the part of the learner. Since many deacons are located in remote or rural communities where high speed connections may be limited, the Josephinum optimizes its programs to run efficiently on most systems.


A deacon’s continuing education is intended to enhance his ministry, not hinder it by time constraints or by interrupting personal, professional or pastoral responsibilities. The Josephinum’s Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate offers deacons the flexibility to participate when schedules permit, on an individualized basis.


Research has shown that distance learning is equally or more effective than traditional instruction when the method and technologies used are appropriate to the instructional tasks, when there is student-to-student interaction, and when there is timely teacher-to-student feedback. All of these elements are integrated into the Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate.


Not all adults learn alike. Some may learn best from visual stimuli, such as video, others by listening or interacting with a computer program. The Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate accommodates a wide variety of learning styles.


Deacons form a unique community within the Church. The Josephinum’s courses are designed to promote a spirit of collegiality among deacons through real-time voice and text-based chat; through forums; and through team projects and frequent group interaction.


Whether you are located a short drive from the Josephinum or two thousand miles away; whether you are in an urban, suburban, or rural setting, the Josephinum’s Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate is where you are – fellow deacons ready to provide practical solutions for practical men. Diaconorum, Diaconis, a Diaconis.

Distance Learning Program for the Diaconate
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