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William F. Murphy, Jr.
Vatican II’s Turn in 1963: Toward Renewing Catholic Ecclesiology and Validating Catholic Ecumenical Engagement  Full text
Jared Wicks, SJ
Same Sex Acts, the Sexual Inclinations and Their Reasonableness
Martin Rhonheimer
Equality, Rights, and Deep Humanism: Some Catholic Voices
James G. Hanink
The Continuing Relevance of Brothers and Sisters to Us to Confronting Racism and White Privilege
Gerald J. Beyer
St. Robert Bellarmine’s Theology of the Sacrament of Ordination
Christian D. Washburn
Divine Revelation and Foundationalism: Towards a Historically Conscious Foundationalism
Eduardo J. Echeverria
Ehrman’s Resurrection: Exposition and Critique
Glenn B. Siniscalchi
The Too Ardent Lover – Courtly Love and Catholic Theology
Robert E. Rodes, Jr.
Cassiodorus’s De Anima: A Contribution to a New Christian Humanism?
John P. Bequette
Revisiting the Prodigal Son through the Lens of Augustine’s Confessions
Sr. Madeleine Grace, CVI
Admission to Candidacy: A Defining Moment?
Rev. Frederick L. Miller
Daniel Maguire’s Sacred Choices: Method and Content
Christopher M. Carr
The Christological Root of Heresy in the Heresiology of John Henry Newman
Br. James Dominic Rooney, OP


Upcoming Issues

Please contact the editor regarding possible submissions to both thematic and non-thematic future issues.  Themes for which submissions are still being sought include the following:  
Aquinas and the Philosophical Training of Theologians
The ITC Document “Theology Today”
The Word of God in the Church
Vatican II: Fifty Years Later  
The Universal Call to Holiness: Fifty Years Later

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