A Philosophy Roundtable within the
Catholic Intellectual Tradition

Unprecedented & Essential

Priests, Poets & Philosophers provides an academic and Renaissance convivio where the perennial wisdom of the Catholic intellectual tradition challenges and entices the mind and soul.

Priests, Poets & Philosophers is both a club and a course; lectures and discussions appeal to all levels of intellectual interest and are open to priests, seminarians, students, teachers and parishioners alike. Priests, Poets & Philosophers touches upon the most noteworthy and often forgotten contributions of Catholic intellectuals, cutting across the tradition in literature, poetry, politics, mysticism, theology and philosophy.

The Centrality of Seminarian Participation: Credit, Conferences & Article Preparation

The seminarian's ability to express the unity of the Catholic vision is critical to overcoming the disjointedness of secularism and bringing forth the inherent wisdom of the Catholic Church. An alternate, more relaxed – though no less scholarly – avenue to discuss philosophy and theological themes is an invaluable aid in unifying the intellectual vision of Catholicism.

Priests, Poets & Philosophers offers this alternative approach to learning, incorporating roundtable discussions among faculty, seminarians and invited lecturers while maintaining an in-class setting. Akin to an investment, the payoff is not immediate; it takes one year to earn 3 class credits. Thus the process of learning through this means is developed patiently as a complement to the years of maturity and formation.

Priests, Poets & Philosophers will work with seminarians to prepare papers for such conferences as the American Catholic Philosophical Association, the American Maritain Society, and the Chesterton Society, and will sponsor and fund selected seminarians to present their insights.

Priests, Poets & Philosophers
2013-2014 Events

All events take place at 7:00 p.m. in the Jessing Center unless otherwise noted.

What Else is There?

Shawn Carney
Co-Founder, 40 Days for Life
Wednesday, Sept. 18  

    How Did They Do That Without Computers? Textual Analysis in Antiquity
Rev. David Monaco, CP, PhD
Associate Professor, Josephinum
Thursday, January 30 

Explaining Free Choice of the Will through Poetic Craft and Philosophical Precision: Dante's Purgatorio XVI-XIX

Rev. Joseph Koterski, SJ, PhD
Associate Professor & Editor-in-Chief, International Philosophical Quarterly,
Fordham University
Tuesday, March 18

Why Do Priests Worry About Philosophy?
Rev. James V. Schall, SJ, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Political Philosophy,
Georgetown University
Tuesday, April 8