School of Theology Academic Program

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

The mission of the School of Theology is the proximate preparation of candidates for the priesthood. Seminarians presented for ordination should be converted to the service of Christ, understand the tradition of the Church, and possess the attitudes and skills necessary to begin priestly ministry” (Program of Priestly Formation, 249).

The Josephinum School of Theology is primarily dedicated to providing four full years of theological and ministerial formation in preparation for priestly ordination through the Master of Divinity Program (MDiv). Within that context, graduate-level academic subjects provide the theological basis for priestly life and service and are integrated with the human, spiritual, and pastoral components of the degree programs.

The School of Theology also offers a Master of Arts in Theology degree program, Bachelor of Sacred Theology degree, which is completed in affiliation with the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome, and a certificate program in Hispanic Ministry Field Education. Course requirements and descriptions may be found in the 2013-14 Academic Catalog.

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Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Average rate at which our students are progressing through our accredited graduate degrees

2007/8-2010/11:        5 MDiv at 4yrs 0 mos       2 MA at 4 yrs 0 mos
2008/9-2011/12:        15 MDiv at 4yrs 2 mos    9 MA at 4 yrs 4 mos
2009/10-2012/13:      7 MDiv at 4 yrs 0 mos      5 MA at 4 yrs 1 mos

Average time to graduation and placement rates

Graduation Time:
MDiv at 4 yrs 1 mos
MA at 4 yrs 2 mos
Job Placement:

MDiv at 100%
MA at 99%