Friends of the Josephinum

Carrie Gram, Director of Josephinum Advancement

The Friends of the Josephinum is a group of laity organized to provide financial assistance to both college and theology students so that their studies for the Catholic priesthood will not be interrupted or terminated because of financial need. Members pledge an annual gift and hold fundraising events to support the program.

The founding of the Friends came about in February 1984, through the efforts of the late Msgr. Gerald Durst, and Mr. and Mrs. John W. Vogel. They assembled several other Columbus residents to hear a presentation concerning the difficulties encountered by some of the Josephinum students. Upon learning that these seminarians were in need of financial assistance, those present agreed that laity should assist in whatever way they could.

At the suggestion of one of the guests, the group was named Friends of the Josephinum. Response was immediate and sincere. A generous donation was made and the organization was born.

Friends of the Josephinum may opt to participate in the Friendship Family Program. The program pairs international seminarians with a Friendship Family, whose members share their family experiences with him. In this way, the seminarian gains an authentic perspective of American people and culture.

The Josephinum is rich in history and architecture. Tours are given by appointment only and as Tour Guides, the Friends assist the Josephinum when student guides are not available.

Special events at the Josephinum often mean special mailings. As Clerical Volunteers, the Friends help the Advancement Office by addressing, stuffing, and sealing envelopes. Other clerical services may be requested throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Friends of the Josephinum, please call the Josephinum Advancement Office at (614) 885-5585.