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In 1888, German immigrant Monsignor Joseph Jessing, supported by the generosity of benefactors and driven by his love for the Church, welcomed the first group of 23 seminarians to the College Josephinum. Prominent milestones fill the following chapters of this story – pontifical status, a new campus, expansion of the College, and above all, priestly ordinations – attributed to the perseverance of dedicated priests and laity who have strived, with Jessing’s characteristic zeal and in cooperation with the grace of God, to form priests after the heart of Jesus Christ.

A common element is woven throughout this story – the unfailing allegiance of benefactors who, from the start, have been vital to the very existence of the Josephinum. The countless alumni and friends who have supported the seminary throughout its history are true co-authors of this story. Their commitment has enabled the Josephinum to realize its mission for the past 125 years and to form more than 1600 priests for the Catholic Church – a number that will increase in years to come.

The year 1888 marked the beginning of a story that must continue. Our future generations need future priests. Will you continue your allegiance to the Josephinum by committing to priestly formation? Will you invest in the next chapter of this remarkable story?

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