Forming Holy, Generous, Adaptable, and Resilient Priests

Dedicated to Pastoral Ministry in the 21st Century

Our Mission

Pontifical. National. Independent.

The Pontifical College Josephinum is a pontifical, national, and independent Roman Catholic seminary in Columbus, Ohio, whose mission is to prepare men for the ordained priesthood. Its programs follow the norms established by the Code of Canon Law, the Congregation for the Clergy, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.
Continuing the vision of its founder, Msgr. Joseph Jessing, the Josephinum seeks to prepare holy, generous, adaptable, and resilient priests for the 21st century and to serve the pastoral needs of the Church. In fidelity to this vision, the Josephinum provides resources to prepare candidates for the priesthood and the diaconate, enabling them to respond to the particular needs of their local communities.

Why the Josephinum?

The Pontifical College Josephinum seeks to form the next generation of priests who will accompany the People of God and engage in evangelization. Everything we do is focused on preparing seminarians to take on the joys and burdens of ministry in a post-modern world.

Read more about many of the unique aspects of the Josephinum through which we accomplish this vision.

Dioceses and Religious Orders Served

Independent of a particular diocese or religious order, the Josephinum serves 15 dioceses and religious orders in the United States and beyond.

Support Us

As an independent seminary not staffed or governed by a particular diocese or religious order, the Josephinum is entirely self-sustaining and does not receive funding from Rome. It was built upon and is sustained by the generosity of benefactors. From recurring or one-time gifts to endowments and planned giving, there are many ways to contribute to the mission of the Josephinum.