Academic Support Services assist seminarians who are experiencing academic challenges, identifying problems and providing assistance. This includes any seminarian with a documented learning disability.


The Benefits of Academic Support Services


  • The Writing Center

Writing Center instructors help seminarians to develop writing skills, focusing on research, documentation, and composition.


  • Developmental Courses in Mathematics and Grammar

English Grammar for Speakers of Latin is taken with Latin I, enabling seminarians to develop a working grammar vocabulary to facilitate the learning of Latin.


  • Academic Bridge Courses in Philosophy

Academic Bridge Courses accompany philosophy courses and address time management, effective study habits, note-taking skills, and college reading strategies. Seminarians also benefit from a review of philosophy course content and assistance with writing philosophy papers.


  • Personal Attention and Tutoring from Faculty

Personal attention plays a vital role throughout all facets of Academic Support Services. Seminarians at any level have ongoing opportunities for individual tutoring from faculty members.


  • Learning Disability Accommodations

Reasonable accommodations for diagnosed and documented learning disabilities may be provided to seminarians who wish them, upon request to their academic deans.


  • Integrated into Formation

Seminarians using Academic Support Services participate fully in the rich academic, spiritual, liturgical, and social life of the Josephinum, and they progress in all aspects of formation. The connection between the intellectual and spiritual dimensions of formation is constantly reinforced; professors and formation teams work together to offer assistance and support. There are no additional fees for the services offered by Academic Support Services.