Since its founding in 1888, more than 1,900 priests have received their formation and education at the Pontifical College Josephinum. Ordained alumni are active today in 48 states in the United States and in 18 foreign countries. Similarly, our alumni who are members of the lay faithful are making profound contributions to the life of the Church through a commitment to family, distinguished work in their professions, and witness to service.

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The Jessing Alumnus of the Year Award, given to an ordained alumnus and a lay alumnus who have best exhibited the spirit of our founder, Monsignor Joseph Jessing, through ministry in the Church and service to the community-at-large. The honorees have shown and share their love for the Church, and support the Church and the Josephinum in her mission. 

Past Recipients
2008 – Msgr. Jim Koenigsfeld / Mr. Michael Fry 
2009 – Msgr. Carson LaCaze + / Mr. Marvin Rezabek 
2010 – Fr. Richard Kramer / Mr. Tom Zilligen + 
2011 – Fr. Joseph Weber + / Mr. Tom Whitney 
2012 – Msgr. Anthony Borrelli + / Mr. Mike Heydinger 
2013 – Fr. Jeffrey Rimelspach / Mr. Rodney Hartle 
2014 – Fr. Alfred Camp + / Mr. George Karg + 
2015 – Msgr. A. Leon Duesman / Mr. Donald Wampach 
2016 – Msgr. Ralph Kuehner + / Mr. Thomas Meyer 
2017 – Bishop Ronald Herzog + / Mr. Edward Wink 
2018 – Fr. Daniel Clayton / Mr. Norman Hageman 
2019 – Fr. John Sims Baker / Dr. Francis W. Conn 
2020 – Bishop Robert J. Baker / Mr. Edward Jim Geiser 

Alumni Directory

The Josephinum periodically publishes an alumni directory. To obtain an electronic copy in pdf format, please email us.

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