author guidelines

Call for Essays

The Josephinum Journal of Theology invites the submission of essays to be considered for publication. Although most essays for our mostly thematic issues will be solicited, we also encourage the submission of unsolicited essays, not only on these themes but also on other timely topics. 

Manuscript Guidelines

The Josephinum Journal of Theology publishes essays in accordance with our Mission Statement. Essays 7,000 - 10,000 words long, including footnotes, are preferred. Please note the following guidelines.

  • As a rule, contributors of scholarly essays are expected to possess and earned doctorate in the pertinent field. For potential contributors of the more pastoral essays, of which we will typically publish one relating to the theme of a given issue, the earned doctorate is less important than a combination of pastoral experience and the ability to meet the criteria listed below. Because of limited space, those who would like to write such pastoral essays for future issues should contact the editor.

  • Manuscripts are expected to be written at a level appropriate for a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. They will be evaluated according to criteria that include correspondence to the mission statement of the journal, timelines, demonstration of mastery of the subject matter, and demonstration of the requisite grammatical, organizational, stylistic and editorial skills. 

  • Footnotes should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. 14th edition (Univ. of Chicago, 1993) , chap. 15, "Documentation 1."

  • Church documents should be cited paragraph number (e.g., Fides et Ratio, no. 6).

  • The version of primary source texts should be noted in the first citation.

  • An abstract (roughly 100 words) should be provided at the top of the document.

  • Please include a one or two sentence biographical statement identifying your religious order (if applicable), highest academic degree, current academic post or position title, institution and location, recent books and articles you have authored/edited, organizations in which you have served as an officer, or the like.

  • Please provide complete contact information, including mailing address, phone number, facsimile number and email address (all that apply).

  • Please submit your essay in electronic form (as email attachment in a current or recent MS Word format).

  • If your document requires special MS Word fonts (i.e., because of unusual or foreign characters in the document, or accents or other diacriticals that may not translate well electronically), please take the initiative to ensure that we will be able to read it in MS Word. This might mean including the required MS Word font file(s) with your electronic submission, after testing that we will be able to access your document with the fonts and instructions you provide. In such cases, please also submit a hardcopy. Manuscripts and electronic files become the property of the Journal and will not normally be returned.