create your own endowment

Alumni and friends of the Pontifical College Josephinum can create their own named endowment during their lifetime to leave their legacy by providing the seminary with a permanent source of income expressly for the benefit of preparing seminarians for the priesthood. All endowment funds are established at the Josephinum and maintained by our Office of the Treasurer. Our Josephinum staff will work with you and our rector to establish an endowment agreement and awards criteria. When fully funded, your endowment fund will exist in perpetuity at the Josephinum!


For example, the typical “annual payout” of an endowment is equal to 5% of the fund’s principal balance, i.e., a fund with a $50,000.00 principal balance would provide an annual cash award of $2,500.00 to the Josephinum.

To begin the process of creating your own named endowment that benefits the Pontifical College Josephinum in perpetuity, please contact our Vice President for Advancement, Mr. Doug Stein at (614) 985-2325.

Click here to download a guide that will help you initiate your own Named Endowment