Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Theology

The Master of Arts in Theology (MA) is a first-level graduate degree, which may be taken for personal enrichment, as preparation for teaching, or as preparation for further studies. It has two primary goals: first, to provide a core, graduate-level competency in theological studies; second, to allow for a concentration in biblical studies, dogmatic theology, moral theology, or pastoral theology and evangelization.

Relevant Requirements

Seminarians preparing for the priesthood at the Josephinum, and therefore working towards a Master of Divinity degree, may pursue the MA concurrently. Please review our Catalog for additional details on requirements.

Master of Arts

Common Core Courses & Concentration Courses:

All Master of Arts candidates must earn at least 18 credit hours through six (6) three-hour courses in:

  • Introduction to Scripture
  • Fundamental Theology
  • Trinity or Christology
  • Ecclesiology or Theological Anthropology
  • Fundamental Moral Theology I and Fundamental Moral Theology II

Seminarians meet the above MA core requirements by following their normal program of studies in the MDiv degree program, which includes the above classes.

Concentration Courses

In addition to any credits in the courses from the MA core or from the MDiv required courses, the MA candidate must take 18 additional credits in a chosen area of concentration (Biblical Studies, Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, Pastoral Theology and Evangelization). Elective courses taken in this area of concentration are designated PA at the 900- level.

Candidates who write a 45-page research paper must take the full 18 credits in their concentration beyond the common core courses. Candidates who write a 75-page thesis are granted three credits for the thesis, which means that they must take only 15 credits of additional coursework in their concentration.


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