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2022 Fall Appeal 

We rejoice and give thanks to God for the blessings of this new year of formation! Fall brought the joyous arrival of 20 new seminarians, an overall enrollment increase, and two new sending dioceses. In the words of our Rector/President, Father Steven Beseau, “the new formation year of the Pontifical College Josephinum gives every indication of a hopeful future – a future that encourages love for our Eucharistic Lord and courageous proclamation of the faith.” This hope is reflected in our 2022 Fall Appeal, “Abundant Hope in the House of Joseph.”


The rising cost of seminary formation is acknowledged in our 2022-2023 fundraising goal of more than $1.8 million. Funds are needed primarily for seminarian scholarships, to give our men the opportunity to discern and be formed, so that, if called to the priesthood, they are ready to respond as holy, generous, adaptable, and resilient priests for the 21st century.


We humbly invite you to help us realize our 2022 Fall Appeal goal of $250,000 to help build up the Mystical Body of Christ for the here and now and the hope of a promising future. Everything we are able to offer our seminarians is possible only because of your generosity. Please prayerfully consider a gift to our fall appeal, impacting our seminarians today and the countless people they aspire to evangelize tomorrow. Make your gift online


An Invitation to the Rector's Circle

If you feel called and are able to join us in a substantial way, we invite you to become a member of the Rector’s Circle

Every gift makes a difference.

Please help us spread the word! Invite others to join in supporting our seminarians through personal invitation, email, and social media.

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Seminarian David Johnstone shares the many reasons for the abundant hope in the House of Joseph. Watch Video

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