Josephinum Seminarians & Alumni Ordained in 2024


Diocese of Charlotte
Father Elliott C. Suttle PT’20
Father Kevin M. Tran PT’20
June 15

Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Father Jeremy Stubbs C’14
May 18

Diocese of Columbus
Father Tyler Carter T’24
Father Daniel Colby T’24
Father Michael Haemmerle T’24
Father David Johnstone T’24
May 18

Diocese of Jefferson City
Father Christopher Hoffmann T’24
June 1

Diocese of Ogdensburg
Father Carter Pierce C’20
Father Douglas Schirmer C’20
May 25


Diocese of Birmingham
Deacon Max Gallegos T3
June 1

Fathers of Mercy
Deacon Zachery Feldker, CPM T3
June 8

Diocese of Gallup
Deacon Aaron Alford PT’20
April 5