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Volume 25, 1-2 Double Issue 2018

Francis Cardinal George†, Address to Council on Culture

Thomas G. Guarino, Participation and Analogy: Keys to Understanding “Subsistit In”

Joshua Brotherton, Towards a Resolution to Balthasar’s Aporia: The Problem of Moral Evil and Theodramatic Hope

Robert Barry, Original Sin and Pure Nature: What’s the Difference, and What Difference Does it Make?

John Froula, Lonergan on the Esse of Christ

Jennifer E. Miller “Nourished More on the Teaching of the Bible”: Modeling a Renewal Recipe

Jay Harrington, O.P., Medieval Jewish and Christian Interpretation Using a Fourfold Sense of Scripture

Glenn Siniscalchi, Papal Encyclicals and Catholic Apologetics: From John XXIII to Pope Francis

David P. Olson, Dupuis and the Church

James Okoye, Dei Verbum 11, the PBC, and the Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture

James O’Sullivan, Catholic Social Teaching and Dialogue, Consensus, and Action on the ‘Right to Sustainable Human Development’

Douglas Jeffers, Sweeter than Honey: An Investigation into the Relationship between Law and Happiness


Volume 24, 1-2 Double Issue 2017 The Universal Call to Holiness 50 Years Later

Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate: On the Call to Holiness in the Contemporary World

Lawrence Cunningham, Holiness: A Theological Reflection

Robert L. Fastiggi, The Documentary Development of the Universal Call to Holiness at Vatican II

Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., St. Paul on Holiness

John Corbett, O.P., The Universal Call to Holiness and Eschatological Contrast: The Relationship Between Infused and Acquired Moral Virtues

Irene Alexander, The Restoration of the Imago Dei: St. Thomas Aquinas and Vatican II’s Universal Call

Pierre de Cointet, The Priest Called to Sanctity: A Reception of the Second Vatican Council

Deacon James Keating, The Deacon: Identity and Holiness

Sr. Sara Butler, MSBT Vatican II on Religious Life: Some Correlations

Joseph C. Atkinson, The Universal Call to Holiness and the Family

Martin Rhonheimer, Affirming the World and Christian Holiness


Volume 23, 1-2 Double Issue 2016 The Word of God in the Church

Albert Vanhoye, S.J., Common Priesthood and Ministerial Priesthood: Difference and Relations

Mary Healy, Forming Priests as Lifelong Students of the Word of God

Joseph L. Ponessa, The Divine Name in Liturgy

David Monaco, C.P., Sampson: The Anti-Judge

Melissa Eitenmiller, Elijah and the Shunammite: Woman of Hope and Mediatrix. A Narrative Analysis of 2 Kings 4:8-37

André Villeneuve, Israel’s Eschatological Destiny in the Catholic Interpretation of the Prophets

Scott M. Carl, The Diakon- of Jesus in the Foot Washing of John 13

Santiago Sanz Sánchez, Creation in Christ in Contemporary Dogmatic Theology: A Proposal of a Synthesis

James Swetnam, S.J., Hebrews 1:1-2:4: A Fresh Look

Ian Boxall, The Book of Revelation in the Life of the Church


Symposium on Dei verbum

Jared Wicks, S.J.,The Fullness of Revelation in Christ in Dei verbum

Gregory Vall, Ratzinger, Brown, and the Reception of Dei verbum

Jeffrey L. Morrow, Dei verbum in Light of the History of Catholic Biblical Interpretation

Eduardo J. Echeverria, Dei verbum and the Nature of Revelation

Volume 22, 1-2 Double Issue 2015 Vatican II: Fifty Years Later

Jared Wicks, S.J., “Vatican II in 1965: Bringing in an Ample Harvest of Renewed Doctrine and Directives of Service”(full text)

Robert P. Imbelli, “The Identity and Ministry of the Priest in the Light of Vatican II: The Promise and Challenge ofPresbyterorum Ordinis”Thomas G. Guarino, “Analogy and Vatican II: A Forgotten Dimension of the Council?”

Peter J. Bernardi, S.J., “Maurice Blondel: Precursor of the Second Vatican Council”

Andrew Meszaros, “Vatican II as Theological Event and Text according to Yves Congar”

William R. Hamant, “Benedict XVI and a Hermeneutic of Conversion”

Eduardo J. Echeverria, “The Lérinian Structure of Pope Francis's Theological Mind”

Christian D. Washburn, “The Second Vatican Council,Lumen gentiumandSubsists in”

Christopher J. Malloy, “Is Exclusive Identity Compatible with Ecumenism as a Mutual Exchange of Gifts?”

John A. Radano, "Ecumenism 50 Years after Vatican II: How Far Have We Come?"

Thomas A. Baima, "UnderstandingNostra Aetatein Our Times: On Its Doctrinal Significance"

Brian J. Pedraza, "Gaudium et Spesand the Pedagogy of God: Conciliar Roots of the New Evangelization"



Volume 21, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2014: Contemporary Theology

David Cloutier, "Methods or Meanings? Paul Griffiths and Theological Disagreement"

James F. Keating, "Fragmentation in American Catholic Theology: The Role of the Catholic Theological Society of America"

Thomas A. Guarino, "Evangelicals and Catholics Together: On the Twentieth Anniversary of an Ecumenical Initiative"

Guy Mansini, OSB, "Phenomenology and Christian Revelation"

Emery de Gaál, "Pope Benedict XVI's Early Contributions to Fundamental Theology: 1955-61"

Matthew W. Levering, "Jesus and Metaphysics: Knowledge of God according to Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI"

Ralph Martin, "Balthasar and Salvation: What Does He Really Teach?"

Joshua Brotherton, "The Possibility of Refusal: Grace and Freedom in Balthasar"



Volume 21, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2014: Theology Today

International Theological Commission, "Theology Today: Perspectives, Principles, Criteria"

Serge-Thomas Bonino, O.P., "Reading the Document 'Theology Today: Perspectives, Principles, Criteria'"

Sr. Sara Butler, M.S.B.T., "Criteria of Catholic Theology"

Congregation for Catholic Education (1989), "Instruction on the Study of the Fathers in the Formation of Priests"Brendan Lupton, "Theological Lodestars: The Fathers of the Church"

Matthew J. Ramage, "Benedict XVI, Catholic Doctrine and the Problem of an Imminent Parousia"

R. Jared Staudt, "St. Thomas Aquinas and Theology Today"


Andrew Hofer, O.P., "St. Thomas as Teacher in the Introduction to Theology"

David Liberto, "Aquinas's Christology Today"

Greg LaNave, "The Saint as Theologian: A Thomistic Speculation"




Volume 20, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2013: Aquinas and the Philosophical Training of Theologians


Kevin F. Keiser, “The Study of Logic for Future Theologians”

Dennis Q. McInerny, “The Philosophy of Nature”

Michael Dodds, OP, “Contemporary Science and Thomas Aquinas”

Benedict M. Ashley, OP†, “Metaphysics as Metascience”

Stephen Loughlin, “Thomistic Anthropology in the Philosophical Formation of Theologians”

Martin Rhonheimer, “Natural Law as ‘Participated Theonomy’: Retrieving a Christian Tradition for the Renewal of Moral Theology”

William F. Murphy, Jr., “Moral Action and Revisionist Thought: A Response to Joseph A. Selling”

John Hittinger, “Gaudium et spesand the Importance of Political Philosophy” 

Anselm Ramelow, OP, “Aquinas and the History of Philosophy”



Volume 20, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2013: Symposium on Decree on the Renewal of Ecclesiastical Studies of Philosophy


Jared Wicks, SJ, “Vatican II in 1964: Major Doctrinal Advances, But Also Fissures on Addressing the Modern World”

Robert Barron, “The Liturgical Self: An Exploration of Christian Anthropology in Light of the Liturgy”

John M. McDermott, SJ, “The Rediscovery of Maurice de la Taille: Beyond a Recent Book”

Peter Kucer, “John Milbank’s Movement towards Catholic Thought on Truth and Stability”

Kent Lasnowski, “Setting the Captives Free: Precedence for Embryo Adoption in Scripture and the Catholic Tradition”

Symposium on theDecree on the Renewal of Ecclesiastical Studies of Philosophy(full text)

Msgr. Lluis Clavell, “A New Impulse to Evangelization: The Reform of Philosophical Studies in Harmony with Theology”

Georges Cardinal Cottier, OP, “Between Exclusivity and Merely Historical Example: Aquinas in the Plan of Ecclesiastical Studies of Philosophy”Pierre de Cointet, “Philosophical Formation and the Spiritual Life of Seminarians”

Emmanuel Tourpe, “Metaphysics as the Original Vocation of Philosophy: An Anachronism of theDecree?”




Volume 19, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2012

William F. Murphy, Jr., “Introduction”

Jared Wicks, SJ, “Vatican II’s Turn in 1963: Toward Renewing Catholic Ecclesiology and Validating Catholic Ecumenical Engagement”Full Text

Martin Rhonheimer, “Same Sex Acts, the Sexual Inclinations and Their Reasonableness”

James G. Hanink, “Equality, Rights, and Deep Humanism: Some Catholic Voices”

Gerald J. Beyer, “The Continuing Relevance of Brothers and Sisters to Us to Confronting Racism and White Privilege”

Christian D. Washburn, “St. Robert Bellarmine’s Theology of the Sacrament of Ordination”

Eduardo J. Echeverria, “Divine Revelation and Foundationalism: Towards a Historically Conscious Foundationalism”

Glenn B. Siniscalchi, “Ehrman’s Resurrection: Exposition and Critique”

Robert E. Rodes, Jr., “The Too Ardent Lover – Courtly Love and Catholic Theology”

John P. Bequette, “Cassiodorus’s De Anima: A Contribution to a New Christian Humanism?”

Sr. Madeleine Grace, CVI, “Revisiting the Prodigal Son through the Lens of Augustine’s Confessions”

Rev. Frederick L. Miller, “Admission to Candidacy: A Defining Moment?”

Christopher M. Carr, “Daniel Maguire’s Sacred Choices: Method and Content”

Br. James Dominic Rooney, OP, “The Christological Root of Heresy in the Heresiology of John Henry Newman”



Volume 19, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2012: The New Evangelization

William F. Murphy, Jr. “Introduction”

Synod of Bishops, “Propositions from the Synod on the New Evangelization”

Pope Benedict XVI, “Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei”

Raniero Cantalamessa, “The Year of Faith and the Catechism of the Catholic Church”

Mary Healy and Peter Williamson, “Biblical Orientations for the New Evangelization”

Ralph Martin, “The Pastoral Strategy of Vatican II: Time for an Adjustment?”

Livio Melina, “The Family and the New Evangelization”

Frank J. Matera, “The Use of Scripture in the New Evangelization: Reclaiming the Story”

John Cavadini, “A Brief Reflection on the Intellectual Tasks of the New Evangelization”

Ralph Del Colle, “The Kerygma and the New Evangelization”

Kevin W. Irwin, “Liturgy as Mediated Immediacy: Sacramentality and Enacted Words”

Brian Pedraza, “Reform and Renewal in Catechesis: The Council, the Catechism, and the New Evangelization”

Jared Wicks, SJ, “Vatican II Taking Hold of Its (and Pope John’s) Council Goals, September 1962 – May 1963”



Volume 18, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2011: Some Recent Moral Theology from Rome

William F. Murphy, Jr."Some Recent Moral Theology from Rome:Introduction"

Livio Melina,"The Dynamism of Christian Action"

Livio Melina,"The Analogy of Love"

Juan José Pérez-Soba,"The Truth of Love: A Light to Walk By. Experience, Metaphysics and the Foundation of Morality"

Livio Melina, "The Body and its Vocation to Love in the Catechesis of John Paul II"

José Noriega,"Eros and Agape in Conjugal Life: The Mystery of Conjugal Charity"

Livio Melina,"FromHumanae vitaetoDeus caritas est:Developments in the Theological Thought on Human Love"

José Noriega,"What About “Donation” of Oocytes?"

Enrique Colom and Angel Rodréguez Luéo,"Chosen in Christ Before the Creation of the World: The Universal Call to Holiness"

Duarte Sousa-Lara,"Per seandPraeter Intentionemin Aquinas"

Martin Rhonheimer(full text), "The Moral Object of Human Acts and the Role of Reason According to Aquinas: A Restatement and Defense"



Volume 18, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2011: Thomism and the Nouvelle Théologie

William F. Murphy, Jr., "Thomism and the Nouvelle Théologie: A Dialogue Renewed?"

Henri de Lubac, SJ, "Internal Causes of the Weakening and Disappearance of the Sense of the Sacred"

Jean Daniélou, SJ, "The Present Orientations of Religious Thought"

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, OP, "Where is the New Theology Leading Us?"

Joseph Komanchak, "Catholic Theology at Mid Century: The Example of Henri de Lubac"

Aidan Nichols, OP, "Garrigou-Lagrange and de Lubac on the Theology of Revelation"

Lawrence Feingold, "The Natural Desire to See God, the Twofold End of Man,

and Henri de Lubac"

David Liberto, "St. Thomas on the Supernatural: Christological, Eschatological, and Anthropological Insights from the Thomistic Corpus"Thomas G. Guarino, "Nature and Grace: Seeking the Delicate Balance"

J.M. McDermott, SJ, "Can the Blessed Trinity Be Experienced in Grace? St. Thomas and Some Recent Answers"



Volume 17, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2010: Servais Pinckaers and the Renewal of Thomistic Ethics

Servais Pinckaers, OP, "The New Law in Veritatis Splendor"

John D. Corbett, OP, "The Gifts of the Holy Spirit"

William C. Mattison III, "Beatitude and the Beatitudes in the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas"

Patrick Mahaney Clark, "Servais Pinckaers' Retrieval of Martyrdom as the Culmination of the Christian Life"

William F. Murphy, Jr., "Transformation in Christ:Pauline Foundation of Christian Moral Action"

Martin Rhonheimer, "Christian Morality and Moral Reasonableness:Of What is the Law of the Gospel a Fulfillment?"

Servais Pinckaers, OP, "The Role of the End in Moral Action According to St. Thomas"

Martin Rhonheimer, "Natural Law and Moral Reasoning: At the Roots of Aquinas's Moral Epistemology"



Volume 17, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2010


Bishop Daniel E. Flores, "Thomas, the Apostle Paul, and the Summit of Theological Format"

William M. Wright IV, "Jesus' Identity and the Use of Scripture in John 6:1–21"

John Clabeaux, "The Demands of Justice and the Practice of the Presence of God: A Biblical Theology of Sinai and Zion"

John M. McDermott, SJ, "The Sacramental Structure of Reality"

Duarte Sousa-Lara, "The Ordo Rationis and the Moral Species"

José Noriega, "Love and Reason: The Originality of the Ordo Amoris"

Daniel B. Gallagher, "Faith, Reason and the Notion of Hope in Spe Salvi"

Gerald J. Beyer, "Neither Socialist nor Libertarian: Pope Benedict's Caritas in Veritate on the Proper Role of Government in the Economy"William Newton, "John Paul II and Gaudium et Spes 22: His Use of the Text and His Involvement in its Authorship"



Volume 16, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2009: Catholicism and Liberal Democracy


David L. Schindler, "Civil Community Inside the Liberal State: Truth, Freedom, and Human Dignity"

Robert P. Kraynak, "Citizenship in Two Worlds: On the Tensions between Christian Faith and American Democracy"

David M. Wagner, "Alasdair MacIntyre: Recovering the Rationality of Traditions"

Martin Rhonheimer, "Christian Secularity, Political Ethics and the Culture of Human Rights"

Christopher Wolfe, "Natural Law Liberalism"

V. Bradley Lewis, "The Common Good against the Modern State: On MacIntyre's Political Philosophy"

David Thunder, "Are Traditional Catholics Defective Citizens?"

Richard S. Myers, "Current Legal Issues Regarding Rights to Conscience in Health Care"

Brian Benestad, "Pope Benedict XVI'sCaritas in veritate"



Volume 16, Issue 1 2009: Catholicism in America


Kathleen S. Cummings, "Rewriting 'His' Story: Vocations, Teaching Sisters, and American

Catholics in the Progressive Era"

William L. Portier, "Paul Hanly Furfey: Catholic Extremist and Supernatural Sociologist,


Steven M. Avella, "The Beginnings of Sunbelt Catholicism: Postwar Phoenix and Las Vegas"

Robert E. Carbonneau, CP, "The 1965 Intercession Travel of Passionist Barnabas Ahern, Peritus at Vatican II"

James M. O’Toole, "Reinventing The Sacrament: American Catholics and Extreme Unction"

Joseph P. Chinnici, OFM, "From Sectarian Suffering to Compassionate Solidarity: American Catholic Languages of Suffering 1930-1996"Perry J. Cahall, "Catholic No More: Lessons from Webster University"

Francis J. Beckwith, "Evangelical and Catholic"

Timothy Matovina, "Latinos and the Remapping of U.S. Catholic History"

Christopher Ruddy, "Unabashedly Liberal, Distinctively Catholic: Andrew Greeley on Post-Conciliar American Catholicism"

Patrick W. Carey, "Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ, and the Signs of the Times"

David J. O’Brien, "The Future as (Catholic) History: American Catholicism in Historical Perspective"



Volume 15, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2008: Moral Action 15 Years afterVeritatis Splendor


William F. Murphy, Jr.,Aquinas on the Object and Evaluation of the Moral Act

Duarte Sousa-Lara, "Aquinas on the Object of the Human Act: A Reading in Light of the Texts and Commentators"

Duarte Sousa-Lara, "Aquinas on Interior and Exterior Acts: Clarifying a Key Aspect of His Action Theory"

William E. May, "Reflections on Moral Theology Prompted by Romanus Cessario’s Book, An Introduction to Moral Theology"

E. Christian Brugger and Thomas Berg, LC, "Abortion and Contraception in Catholic Moral Teaching: A Reply to Recent Objections"

Joseph Torchia, OP, "The Theology of the Real Presence in Cyril of Jerusalem"

Roger W. Nutt, "The Proof of Things Not Seen: Thomas Aquinas on the Role of Reason in the Act of Faith"

James F. Caccamo, "The Message on the Media: Seventy Years of Catholic Social Teaching on Social Communication"

Edward N. Peters, "Canonical and Cultural Developments Culminating in the Ordination of Deaf Men During the Twentieth Century"



Volume 15, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2008:Theology and Philosophy 10 Years afterFides et Ratio


Pope Benedict XVI, "January 18, 2008, Lecture at the University of Rome, 'La Sapienza'"

J. M. McDermott, SJ, "The Path and Progress of Twentieth-Century Catholic Theology"

Kevin Hart, "The Liturigcal Reduction"

Fergus Kerr, OP, "Anscombe, Ernst, and McCabe: Wittgenstein and Catholic Theology"

Eleonore Stump, "Love, By All Accounts"

Prudence Allen, RSM, "Friendship, Gender, and Vocation"

Kenneth L. Schmitz, "The Breath and Breadth of Being"

Patricia Pintado, "The Self-limitation of Reason"

Joseph T. Papa, "Husserlian Phenomenology and Ignatian Spiritual Experience"



Volume 14, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2007: Sexual Ethics 40 Years afterHumanae Vitae


William F. Murphy, Jr., "Forty Years Later: Arguments in Support ofHumanae Vitaein Light ofVeritatis Splendor" (pp. 122-167)

Martin Rhonheimer, "The Use of Contraceptives Under the Threat of Rape: An Exception?" (pp.168-181)

Donald P. Asci, "Congugal Chastity and the Procreative Personalism of Pope Hohn Paul II" (pp. 182-206)

William E. May, "The Theological Significance of the Consummation of Marriage" (pp. 207-217)

E. Christian Brugger, "Dualism and Homosexual 'Complementarity': A Reply to Salzman and Lalwer" (pp. 218-239)

David Cloutier, "Aquinas' Charity and Catholic Sexual Ethics" (pp. 240-268)

Julie Hanlon Rubio "Practicing Sexual Fidelity" (pp. 269-291)

Stuart Swetland "Learning to Love: Sexual Ethics and the Pastoral Preparation of Men and Women for the Vocation of Marriage" (pp. 292-318)



Volume 14, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2007



Volume 13, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2006


Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, "Blessed Columba Marmion: Doctor of Divine Adoption" (pp. 132-142)

Mark Tierney, OSB, "The Life and Times of Blessed Columba Marmion: The Pastoral Dimension" (pp. 143-148)

William M. Fitzgerald, OPraem, "Blessed Columba Marmion's Appreciation of the Place of the Sacred Liturgy in the Spiritual Life" (pp. 149-158).David L. Toups, "The Relevance of the Spirituality of Blessed Columba Marmion for the Life of the Diocesan Priest" (pp. 159-196).

David L. Ricken, "Configuration to Christ and the Priesthood According to Marmion and Pastores Dabo Vobis" (pp. 197-208)

Dennis J. Billy, CSsR, "Contemplating the Eternal Word" (pp. 209-222)



Volume 13, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2006

Dennis J. Billy, CSsR, "What is Contemplative Ethics?" (pp. 2-16)

Madeleine Grace, CVI, "Spiritual Imagery in the Writings of Catherine of Siena" (pp. 17-31)

Patrick Granfield, OSB, "Churches and Ecclesial Communities" (pp. 32-45)

Jeffrey L. Morrow, "Stanley Hauerwas and Pope John Paul II on Peace, Truth, and Love" (pp. 46-65)

Aidan Nichols, OP, "Integral Evangelization" (pp. 66-80)(full text)

David L. Smith, CSSp, "Does God Slumber Deep in the Belly of the Brain? A Critique of Neurotheology" (pp. 81-99)

William Thompson-Uberuaga, "Balthasar's Biblical Impulse" (pp. 100-113)

Francis Michael Walsh, "Amending Fuchs's Account of Morality: A Response to Mark E. Graham" (pp. 114-130)



Volume 12, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2005: Catholicism and Politics

J. Brian Benestad, "Catholic Politicians and the Social Doctrine of the Church" (pp. 138-153)

E. Christian Brugger, "Render to Caesar: A Catholic Ethic on Conscientious Voting" (pp. 154-177)

Larry Chapp, "Why Johnny Can't Pray: American Religion and the Separation of Church and State" (pp. 178-191)

Robert Fastiggi, "Capital Punishment, the Magisterium, and Religious Assent" (pp. 192-213)

Mark E. Ginter and Linda Gray Kelley, "Conscientious Objection and the Catholic Civil Servant" (pp. 214-227)

James P. Hanigan, "On Caring for the Common Good" (pp. 228-241)

Thomas B. Leininger, "The Call to Civic Engagement in Gaudium et Spes" (pp. 242-252)

Dennis J. Lyle, "Catholics in Political Life: Reflections on Speeches by Smith, Kennedy, and Cuomo" (pp. 253-267)

Thomas Massaro, SJ, "Catholic Bishops and Politicians: Concerns About Recent Developments" (pp. 268-287)



Volume 12, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2005: Christology

Paul Joseph LaChance, "Christ Our Salvation: An Intersection of Christology and Soteriology" (pp. 2-17)

Jeremy D. Wilkins, "The 'I' of Jesus Christ: Methodological Considerations" (pp. 18-29)

Gilles Mongeau, SJ, "The Human and Divine Knowing of the Incarnate Word" (pp. 30-42)

James F. Keating, "N. T. Wright and the Necessity of a Historical Apologetic of the Resurrection" (pp. 43-56)

David Dawson Vásquez, "Negative Theology and Jesus Christ" (pp. 57-67)

Christopher Steck, SJ, "Studying Holy Lives: A Methodological Necessity for the Christian Ethicist?" (pp. 68-86)

David Cloutier, "How Does the Wind Blow and the Fire Burn? The Holy Spirit and Moral Agency" (pp. 87-109)

Jason Bourgeois, "A Comparison of the Aesthetic Approach of Gadamer and Balthasar" (pp. 110-119)

John T. Ford, CSC, "What is Hispanic/Latino Theology?" (pp. 120-130)



Volume 11, Supplement 2004

Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, "Edith Stein's Phenomenological Contribution to Questions of Modern Anthropology," (pp. 247-257)

Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, "Recent Developments in International Feminist Philosophy," (pp. 258-268)

Pol G. Vandevelde, "Intersubjectivity and the Instability of the Transcendental Ego in Husserl," (pp. 269-302)



Volume 11, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2004

Daniel G. Van Slyke, "Lex orandi lex credendi: Liturgy as Locus Theologicus in the Fifth Century?" (pp. 130-151)

Thomas L. Gwozdz, S.D.B., "W. Norris Clarke's Metaphysics of the Person and the Resurrection of the Dead" (pp. 152-164)

Craig A. Baron, "The Linguistic 'Other' in Transcendental Thomism: A Postmodern Reading of Karl Rahner" (pp. 165-181)

E. Christian Brugger, "Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching" (pp. 182-215)

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., "Faith and Civility" (pp. 216-225)

Emilio G. Chávez, "Welcoming the Foreigner: A Biblical Theology View" (pp. 226-234)

Benedict D. O'Cinnsealaigh, "The Relationship Between the Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ's Priests" (pp. 235-244)



Volume 11, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2004

Charles R. Pinches, "The Glory of War and the Glory of God: Danger, Courage, and the Modern Predicament" (pp. 3-13)

Eugene J. Fisher, "The Catholic Church and the Mystery of Israel: The State of the Question" (pp. 14-25)(full text)

John M. McDermott, S.J., "The Jews, Jesus, and the Church" (pp. 26-48) (full text)

Francis T. Hannafey, S.J., and Michael J. Schuck, "Entrepreneurship and Morality in the Thought of John A. Ryan" (pp. 49-59).

William Thompson-Uberuaga, "Tradition as Building a Civilization of Love" (pp. 60-81)

Perry J. Cahall, "Saint Augustine on Marriage and the Trinity" (pp. 82-97)

Craig Paterson, "Natural Law Ethics, Basic Human Goods, and Material Moral Absolutes" (pp. 98-115).



Volume 10, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2003: Moral Theology

10th Anniversary Issue

Anthony F. LoPresti, "Beyond the Family Feuds: The Future of Roman Catholic Moral Theology" (pp. 175-193)Christopher Kaczor, "Moral Theology, Development of Doctrine, and Human Experience" (pp. 194-209)

D. Vincent Twomey, "Moral Renewal Through Renewed Moral Reasoning" (pp. 210-229)

Julia Fleming, "Preserving, Investigating, and Learning From Our Past" (pp. 230-238)

Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R., "Catholic Moral Discourse and the Spirituality of Communion" (pp. 239-249)

James T. Bretzke, S.J., "A New Pentecost for Moral Theology: The Challenge of Inculturation of Ethics" (pp. 250-260)Margaret R. Pfeil, "The Interpretive Task of Moral Theology: Cultural and Epistemological Considerations" (pp. 261-270)Ronald A. Mercier, S.J., "What Are We To Make of Sin? Alison's Challenge to Moral Theology" (pp 271-284)

Joseph E. Capizzi, "The Influence of Bioethics on Moral Theology" (pp. 285-299)(full text)

Mark S. Latkovic, "The Christian Family and Contemporary American Culture" (pp. 300-314)

Robert E. Barron, "Thomas Merton's Metaphysics of Peace" (pp. 315-326)

Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R., "Laity in the World: A Multiplication of Types" (pp. 327-342)

James F. Keating, "Contemporary Epistemology and Theological Application of the Historical Jesus Quest" (pp. 343-356)Dennis J. Marshall, "Karl Rahner on Suffering: A Textual Study" (pp. 357-384)



Volume 10, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2003: The Bible and Evangelization

10th Anniversary Issue

Lawrence E. Boadt, C.S.P., "Catholic Evangelization and the Psalms" (pp. 3-18)

Francis J. Moloney, S.D.B., "The Gospel of John and Evangelization" (pp. 19-32)

Pheme Perkins, "Jesus, Evangelization, and the Gospels" (pp. 33-43)

David M. Bossman, O.F.M., "Reinhold Niebuhr, Jews, and Evangelization" (pp. 44-57)

Donald B. Sharp, S.J., "The Old Testament in Parish Evangelization" (pp. 58-70)

Carol Kern Stockhausen, "Film, Scripture, and Evangelization: A Test Case in Education" (pp. 71-89)

Carolyn Thomas, S.C.N., "The Reign of God: The Heart of Evangelization" (pp. 90-102)

Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R., "Lay Spirituality: Historiographical Considerations" (pp. 103-121)

James F. Garneau, "Saint Katharine Drexel in Light of the New Evangelization" (pp. 122-131)

William F. Murphy Jr., "Mystery Before Morality in De Lubac's Medieval Exegesis" (pp. 132-139)

James H. Kroeger, M.M., "Revisiting Models in Theology: Exploring Theological Method" (pp. 140-148)

James P. Flint, O.S.B., "Constantine and the Mandatum" (pp. 149-154)



Volume 9, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2002: John Henry Newman

Mary Katherine Tillman, "Newman: The Dialectic of 'Liberalism' and 'Conservatism'" (pp. 181-195)

John T. Ford, C.S.C., "Was Newman an Ecumenist?" (pp. 196-210)

Gerard H. McCarren, "Newman on Papal Primacy in an Ecumenical Context" (pp. 211-226)

Edward Jeremy Miller, "Newman's Grammar of Assent Put to Pastoral Usage" (pp. 227-237)

Edward J. Enright, O.S.A., "Newman's Tests of Development: Some Nineteenth Century Critics" (pp. 238-246)

Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R., "What is Lay Spirituality? A Contextual Approach" (pp. 247-266)

Rodney A. Howsare, "The Eucharist as Sacrifice: A Marian Dimension (pp. 267-281)

Larry Chapp, "Spiritual Exegesis in Balthasar's Theology" (pp. 282-296)

Thomas Petriano, "The Pneumatology of Walter Kasper" (pp. 297-309)

Christopher Kaczor, "Marital Acts Without Marital Vows: Social Justice and Premarital Sex" (pp. 310-319)



Volume 9, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2002: Fatherhood

Joseph C. Atkinson, "Paternity in Crisis: Biblical and Philosophical Roots of Fatherhood" (pp. 3-21)

Francis Martin, "Radiation of Fatherhood: Some Biblical Reflections" (pp. 22-41)

William E. May, "The Mission of Fatherhood" (pp. 42-55)

Kenneth L. Schmitz, "Who Has Seen the Father?" (pp. 56-73)

Paul C. Vitz, "The Fatherhood of God: Support from Psychology" (pp. 74-86)

Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R., "Conversion and Need: The Process of Petitionary Prayer" (pp. 87-94)

Frederick E. Crowe, S.J., "The Dynamics of Spirit-Body Communication: Some Case Studies" (pp. 95-107)

Avery Dulles, S.J., "Justification: The Joint Declaration" (pp. 108-119)

John Hart, "Care for Creation: Catholic Social Teaching on the Environment" (pp. 120-145)

Andrew Skotnicki, O.Carm., "The U.S. Catholic Bishops on Crime and Criminal Justice" (pp. 146-157)



Volume 8, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 2001

Florence Caffrey Bourg, "Family as a 'Missing Link' in Bernardin's Consistent Life" Ethic (pp. 3-26)

Julia Fleming, "Hate Speech and Moral Theology" (pp. 27-37)

John T. Ford, "Newman's Letter to the Duke of Norfolk: Citizenship, Church, and Conscience" (pp. 38-50)

John M. McDermott, S.J., "Spiritual Theology and Religious Life Before and After Vatican II" (pp. 51-75)

Timothy P. Muldoon, "Constructing a Post-Postmodern Theology" (pp. 76-90)

Stephen J. Pope, "The Biological 'Roots' of Personhood and Morality" (pp. 91-101)


Andrew Skotnicki, O.Carm., "Crime, Conscience, and Inner City Ethics" (pp. 102-118)

Kevin E. Schmiesing, "Freedom and Culture in the Americas: Reflections on Ecclesia in America" (pp. 119-129)Michel Therrien, "John Paul's Use of the Term 'Neo-Liberalism' in Ecclesia in America" (pp. 130-142)



Volume 8, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2001

Francis Martin, "The New Feminism: A New Humanism?" (pp. 5-26)

Joseph E. Capizzi and Tobias Winright, "The 'Slow War' Against Iraq: A Moral Analysis" (pp. 27-42)

David Matzko McCarthy, "Conscience: A Richer Moral Language" (pp. 43-53)

William M. Thompson, "Spirituality's Challenges to Today's Theology" (pp. 54-73)

William F. Murphy Jr., "Revelation in Fides et Ratio" (pp. 74-89)

Jeremiah J. McCarthy, "Compassionate Interdependence: An Approach to the New Genetics" (pp. 90-105)

Mark Allman, "Wisdom with Eloquence: Augustine's Theology of Preaching" (pp. 106-120)

John R. Meyer, "An Ek-static View of the Person" (pp 121-131)

Thomas J. McGovern, "The Christian Anthropology of John Paul II: An Overview" (pp. 132-147)

Kevin M. Quirk, "With Apologies to Shakespeare: What's in the Name 'Priest'?" (pp. 148-155)

Leland Elhard, "The Toils of Understanding: Review Essay" (pp. 156-162)

Frank P. Lane, "The Seminarian and the World: What is Formation?" (pp. 163-168)

Carolyn Thomas, S.C.N., "Scripture and the Formation of Seminarians" (pp. 169-175)

Jiri Kasny, S.D.B., "Canon Law and Priestly Formation" (pp. 176-181)



Volume 7, Issues 1-2 (Double issue) Summer 2000

Brian V. Johnstone, C.Ss.R., "Resurrection and Moral Theology" (pp. 5-17)

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J., "Saint Joseph in the New Testament" (pp. 18-30)

Benedict M. Ashley, O.P., "John Paul II: Theologian of the Body of the Acting Person" (pp. 31-45)

Dennis J. Billy, C.Ss.R., "The Moments of Contemplation" (pp. 46-53)

Mark S. Latkovic, "Catholic Social Teaching: Eight Principles of Social Justice" (pp. 54-70)

Anthony F. LoPresti, "Rediscovering a Love for God" (pp. 71-81)

Craig Paterson, "Veritatis Splendor, Revisionist Thought, and St. Thomas" (pp. 82-100)

Owen F. Cummings, "A Master in Israel: John Macquarrie" (pp. 101-111)

John W. Crossin, O.S.F.S., "Some Developing Aspects of Virtue Ethics" (pp. 112-125)

John C. Meyer, "The Threat of Apostasy" (pp. 126-137)

John M. Grondelski, "Holy Days of Obligation: Feasts of the Body" (pp. 138-144)

Arthur G. Quinn, "Single Christians: A Spiritual and Theological Reflection" (pp. 145-152)



Volume 6, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1999

Eugene L. Brand, "Local Realities of Ecumenism" (pp. 5-17)

James T. Bretzke, S.J., "Ecumenical Ethics, History, and Vatican II" (pp. 18-38)

Gary Culpepper, "Moral Evil Ex objecto" (pp. 39-56)

James O. Englert, "Retrieval of the Christological Focus of Trent's Decree of Justification" (pp. 57-79)

Frederick M. Jelly, O.P., "Congar's Theological Anthropology and Doctrine of Salvation" (pp. 80-87)

Frank P. Lane, "'We Have No Abiding City': Caritas Pirckheimer" (pp. 88-106)

Edmund J. Majewski, S.J., "Balthasar: Apologetics for the Post-Modern Age" (pp. 107-123)

Stephen J. Pope, "The Violent Criminal: A Test Case for Love of Enemies" (pp. 124-131)

Helen M. Alvarè, "The Truth of Love" (pp. 132-135)

John C. Schwarz, "In the Blink of an Eye: A Meditation" (pp. 136-142)



Volume 6, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 1999

Joseph A. Fitzmyer, S.J., "Concerning the Interpretation of the Bible in the Church" (pp. 5-20)

Julia Fleming, "Deception by Means of Incomplete Truth: An Ethical Evaluation" (pp. 21-30)

Patricia Ann Lamoureux, "The Relation of Character and Public Office" (pp. 31-42)

John Berkman, "Prophetically Pro-Life: John Paul II's Gospel of Life and Evangelical Concern for Animals" (pp. 43-59)Eduardo J. Echeverria and DonnaRose Echeverria, "John Paul II and America's New Birth of Freedom" (pp. 60-74)Robert E. Barron, "Priest as Mystagogue and Soul Doctor: A Conversation Re-visited" (pp. 75-91)

Carolyn Thomas, S.C.N., "The Millennium: A Time for Reflection" (pp. 92-102)



Volume 5, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1998

John-Peter Pham, "Humility Consecrated for Service: Häring's Theology of the Priesthood" (pp. 5-17)

Quentin Faulkner, "Gothic Pillars and Blue Notes: Art as a Reflection of the Conflict of Religions" (pp. 18-46)

M. Francis Mannion, "The 'Musification' of the Word: Cardinal Ratzinger's Theology of Liturgical Music" (pp. 47-66)James P. Moroney, "Defining Musica Sacra in Roman Catholic Liturgy" (pp. 68-77)

James A. Yeager, "A Love for the Church and for its Music: An Interview with Richard Proulx" (pp. 78-88)

J. Steven Covington, "Alpha Waltzes with Omega: A Meditation" (pp. 89-93)

Donald Luck, "The Promise of Unity: A Homily" (pp. 94-97)



Volume 5, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 1998

Walter F. Taylor, Jr., "Obligation: Paul's Foundation for Ethics" (pp. 5-25)

Servais Pinckaers, O.P., "Thérèse of the Child Jesus, Doctor of the Church" (pp. 26-40)

Pamela Smith, SS.C.M., "Toward an Ecological Model of the Church" (pp. 41-58)

Mark E. Ginter, "The Biblical Pneumatologies of Leo XIII and John Paul II Compared" (pp. 59-75)

John J. Conley, S.J., "Natural Theology in an Anthropological Key" (pp. 77-83)



Volume 4, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1997

George H. Tavard, A.A., "Remembering Vatican II" (pp. 6-17)

Mary Ann Dillon, R.S.M., "What the American People Want: Retrieving the Common Good" (pp. 18-27)

Robert L. Fastiggi, "Satisfying our Desire for God: The Incarnation as the Means for Joining God, Man, and Cosmos" (pp. 28-39)José Pereira, "Are Ecumenical Councils Infallible?" (pp. 40-50)


Lawrence C. Landini, O.F.M., "St. Anthony of Padua: Portrait of the Ideal Preacher" (pp. 51-60)


Phillip Webster II, "Ministry with Youth: A Parish Perspective" (pp. 61-71)



Volume 4, Supplement 1997


Ignacio Corona, "Guadalupanism: Popular Religiosity and Cultural Identity" (pp. 6-22)

José Luis Guerrero, "El Nican Mopohua, magistral ejemplo de inculturación" (pp. 23-49) (Translation by Joseph Poggemeyer and Alma Amell, pp.50-63)

Janet Barber, I.H.M., "The Guadalupan Image: An Inculturation of the Good News" (pp. 65-81)

Robert A. Gonzales, "Conclusion: A Personal View" (pp. 82-84)



Volume 4, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 1997

Kevin O'Rourke, O.P., "An Exposition of Evangelium Vitae" (pp. 4-12)

Daniel P. Sulmasy, O.F.M., "Death with Dignity: What Does It Mean?" (pp. 13-23)

Ronald K. Tacelli, S.J., "Were You A Zygote?" (pp. 25-36)

George D. Hanzel, "Preparing for Death: Moral and Spiritual Formation" (pp. 37-45)

William M. Joensen, "Being and Infertility: Bearing the Mystery" (pp. 46-55)

Seán P. Kealy, "'Lead Kindly Light': A Meditation" (pp. 56-66)



Volume 3, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1996

Avery Dulles, S.J., "The Death of Jesus as Sacrifice" (pp. 4-17)

Thomas K. Carroll, "The Spacious Liberty of Generalities: A Response to 'The Death of Jesus as Sacrifice'" (pp. 18-28)

Walter Kasper, "Church and Modern Processes of Freedom" (pp. 30-46)

Servais Pinckaers, O.P., "The New Law in Veritatis Splendor" (pp. 47-63)

Daniel Pattee, T.O.R., "The Impaired Dialogue of Original Sin" (pp. 64-75)

James F. Keenan, S.J., "There Are No Private Lives" (pp. 76-84)



Volume 3, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 1996

James M. Childs, Jr., "The Secularist Dream is Dying" (pp. 4-7)

Michael Ray LaChat, "A Methodist Contemplates the Protestant Work Ethic" (pp. 8-21)

Robert Marko, "Early Protestant Readings of Veritatis Splendor: Implications for Christian Ethics" (pp. 22-27)

Timothy C. Ploch, S.D.B., "How Catholic Should We Be?" (pp. 28-32)

Thomas More Meehan, C.S.J., "Confession: Gleanings from St. Bernard" (pp. 33-41)

Robert A. Gonzales, "The Mariology of the Nican Mopohua" (pp. 42-55)



Volume 2, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1995

William J. Levada, "The Role of the Catechism in Preaching and Teaching" (pp. 4-17)

John E. Pollard, "Patristic Sources of the Catechism of the Catholic Church" (pp. 18-42)

Francis D. Kelly, "The Ecclesiology of the Catechism: Sacrament, Mystery, and Communion" (pp. 43-51)

Susan Heinemann, O.P., "Kindling the Divine Fire: A Meditation" (pp. 52-59)

Daniel J. Stollenwerk, "Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection as Symbols of Life Events" (pp. 60-68)



Volume 2, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 1995

Thomas K. Carroll, "Homily, Sermon or Preaching" (pp. 4-13)

Anthony Ciorra, "Poets, Priests, and Prophets" (pp. 14-24)

Romanus Cessario, O.P., "The Church, Higher Education, and Global Concerns" (pp. 25-33)

John D. Corbett, O.P., "Truth and Freedom: Two Perspectives on a Problematic Relationship, Part Two" (pp. 34-46)

William Dettling, O.P., "A Professor's Response: The Particular Effect Calling for a Universal Cause" (pp. 47-50)



Volume 1, Issue 2 Summer/Fall 1994

Dermot A. Lane, "Reclaiming Eschatology" (pp. 4-14)

John S. Custer, "Qohelet and the Canon: The Dissenting Voice in Dialogue" (pp. 15-24)

John D. Corbett, O.P., "Truth and Freedom: Two Perspectives on a Problematic Relationship, Part One" (pp. 25-34)

Mary Patricia Mulligan, "Homily for Week of Christian Unity" (pp. 35-41)


Marie T. Mudd, "Conscience, Newman, and Vatican II" (pp. 42-50)

Joseph Dedalonis, S.D.B., "Calling Youth to Social Concern" (pp. 51-59)



Volume 1, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 1994

Brian R. Moore, "The Gospel According to Mark: An Interpretive Essay" (pp. 4-10)

Carolyn Thomas, S.C.N., "The Reign of God: The Heart of Mark's Gospel" (pp. 11-16)

Lawrence C. Landini, O.F.M., "The Role of Self-Offering in the Understanding of the Eucharist as Sacrifice" (pp. 17-25)Duane H. Davis, "Prayer and the Dialogical Communion Intrinsic to Augustine's Confessions" (pp. 26-35)

James Keating, "Ethical Considerations in Any Health Care Reform" (pp. 36-40)

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