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Journal of Theology

Current Issue

Volume 26, 1-2 Double Issue 2019

Reform in the Church: What Are They Saying

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International Theological Commission 
Synodality in the Life and Mission of the Church 

Massimo Faggioli
Apparent Victory, Actual Defeat? Vatican II Ecclesiology and the Catholic Sexual Abuse Crisis

David P. Olson and Tyler Raymond
Yves Congar and Church Reform: Principles to Help in Discerning True Reform 

Bronwen McShea 
The Age of the Laity? Historical Considerations in Light of the Crisis

Richard Lennan
Unlearning, Learning, and Relearning: Framing Conversion in Response to the Sexual Abuse Crisis 

Lisa Fullam 
Clericalism is a Social Sin 

Melanie Susan Barrett
Restoring our Christ-Centered Vision:  The Seminary as Contemporary Bethsaida 

David Cloutier
Holy Agents, Holy Structures? Thinking Through Transformation in the Education of Priests 

Marc Slatter
An Abuse of Conscience? A Moral Analysis of Clericalism 

Brad Bursa
Provoking Renewal through Post-Baptismal Catechesis

Javier Prades and Marcos Cantos Aparicio Postsecularism, Postmodernism and Pluralism. The Contribution of Christian Witness to the “Good Life” in Contemporary Society

Eduardo Echeverria
Realism, Truth, and Justification: The Contribution of Michael Polanyi

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