Lenten & Easter Reflections

by Seminarians of the Pontifical College Josephinum​

“‘Why do you seek the living one among the dead?

He is not here, but he has been raised.’”
Luke 24:5-6

Reflection for Easter Sunday

Have you ever wondered why Christianity grew from a persecuted minority into the religion of the Roman Empire, and spread to all corners of the globe? The reason is simple: Its Lord is Risen. Who would dare to believe in a God who dies never to rise? Such would not be God but a mere creature. The Resurrection of Jesus is the central message of Christianity; everything else finds meaning around it.

The Resurrection of Jesus is a historical event; it really did happen in space and time. The Scripture readings today recount the experience of some eyewitnesses of it. Peter, who had a chance of entering the empty tomb on the morning of the Resurrection, narrates to his fellow Jews what he saw: the Risen Lord appeared, in bodily form, to some of His disciples. These, including Peter himself, are the witnesses of this event. These eyewitnesses were so convinced of what they saw that it was impossible to convince them otherwise. A majority of them unquestioningly laid down their lives for this conviction. Our faith is born of their faith experience; we believe what they saw, we pass on what we received from them. Alleluia! Jesus is Risen!

Reflection by Deacon James Ssebunnya
4th Year Theology Seminarian
Diocese of Lugazi, Uganda