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Abiding Trust in the House of Joseph
2023 Saint Joseph Appeal 

In a papal audience in Saint Peter’s Square on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph in 2009, Pope Benedict XVI reflected that, “throughout all of history, Joseph is the man who gives God the greatest display of trust.”


Happenings in the Church and the world today certainly call us to trust – not in our own abilities or earthly accomplishments, but in what our all-powerful and loving God makes possible. This placement of trust is not “one and done,” but a continuous act of faith that comes from perseverance and resiliency. We are blessed to witness it here, as our seminarians strive to model Saint Joseph in praying for and renewing trust in God as they discern a call to the holy priesthood.


The early days of the new calendar year find us well on our way to meeting our 2022-2023 fundraising goal of $1,860,250, with $1,315,000 raised to date. This tremendous milestone could not have been reached without [the great generosity of our benefactors. It is our hope that the 2023 Saint Joseph Appeal will move us even closer to our goal, providing much-needed funds for seminarian scholarships and formation programs. Would you please prayerfully consider supporting our seminarians with a gift to the Saint Joseph Appeal? Make your gift online

As always, please continue to pray for vocations and for our seminarians. Your spiritual support is essential and irreplaceable. Thank you for the trust you place in our mission and in the remarkable things God is making possible here in the House of Joseph.

Saint Joseph Phonathon Reservation Opportunity

Seminarians are looking forward to connecting with you during our annual Saint Joseph Phonathon! Calls will be made to as many benefactors as possible on March 14, 22, and 26, near the Solemnity of Saint Joseph celebrated on March 19. 


An Invitation to the Rector's Circle

If you feel called and are able to join us in a substantial way, we invite you to become a member of the Rector’s Circle

Every gift makes a difference.

Please help us spread the word! Invite others to join in supporting our seminarians through personal invitation, email, and social media.

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