The Propaedeutic Stage

A Foundation for Discernment & Lifelong Formation

The Propaedeutic Stage is an introductory, yet intensely focused, stage that lays a solid foundation for the discernment journey of seminarians, providing them with a period of time to grow in prayer, trust, and fraternity.

Personal Attention & Assessment

Seminarians in the Propaedeutic Stage are given close, personal attention by the Community of Formators. Priests are present and engaged in the seminarians’ daily lives and take seriously their role in forming men who may one day serve God and His people through the priesthood.

Seminarians are assessed by the Community of Formators in formation meetings and summative evaluations. Bishops and Directors of Vocations are kept apprised of their seminarians’ progress, and are welcome and frequent visitors to campus.

A Solid Foundation

Following successful completion of this stage, a man who requests to continue his formation will possess a solid foundation of prayer, increased self-awareness, a spirit of generosity, and the necessary receptivity to embrace and thrive in subsequent stages of formation.

Seminarians in the Propaedeutic Stage are provided with:

  • Living space set apart from seminarians in other stages

  • A distinct horarium (daily schedule)

  • A chapel dedicated to personal prayer and liturgies

  • Spiritual direction and formation advisor meetings with priest formators

  • Seminars on the priesthood, celibacy, and Catholic traditions and practices

  • Experiences in parish settings

  • Engagement in charitable works

  • Cultural experiences

  • Activities in their home dioceses​

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