The Gift That Truly Keeps on Giving​

In this joyous season of Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we invite you to consider supporting the seminarians and priests at the Josephinum. As 2021 draws to a close, please contemplate an unrestricted gift to our seminary operating fund; making a gift with your IRA; adding the Josephinum to your Last Will & Testament; or giving in honor or memory of a loved one. Your gift to the Josephinum helps us prepare the next generation of parish priests who will touch 1 million souls during their 50-year ministries.

We Are Here to Help!  For all your charitable planning needs, please contact our Advancement Officer, Mr. Cody Thompson (614-985-2234) or Vice President, Mr. Doug Stein (614-985-2325).

Making Gifts You Didn’t Think Were Possible

You have invested for your retirement prudently and wisely and remembered to “give back and pay forward” to parishes, schools, and yes, the seminary! You can include these appreciated assets with your traditional gifts of cash, check, or credit card.

IRA Distribution

If you are 59½ or older, you may take a distribution from your IRA and make a gift to the Josephinum without penalty. If you itemize your deductions, a charitable deduction may be taken for the amount. If you are 70½ or older, any amount up to $100,000 per year from your IRA may be given directly to the Josephinum. You will not pay income taxes on the transfer. If you are 72 or older, this transfer will satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD).
What you need to do next: The Josephinum must receive your gift by 12/31/21 so your donation will qualify. For those whose IRAs have a checking account option, be advised that checks to the Josephinum must clear your IRA account by 12/31/21 to be counted as an RMD for 2021.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

The Josephinum can email you a Stock Gift Instruction form to help you maximize the benefits of your gift of appreciated stock. By giving stock gifts you avoid paying taxes on the appreciated value and qualify for an income tax charitable deduction based on today’s market value when you itemize your taxes.
What you need to do next: Email us to request a Stock Gift Instruction form. You and your broker must complete all transfers by 12/31/21.

Donor Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds have become popular in recent years; many of our annual donors elect to give their Rector’s Circle level gift of $1,000 or more from their donor advised fund at a local foundation.
What you need to do next: Contact your DAF distributions manager and have them complete the contribution by 12/31/21.

More Thoughts for Year-End Planning


Set Up a Monthly Donation – Use our online gift portal to set up a monthly recurring gift that will provide a direct benefit the seminarians and priest formators at the Josephinum.

Keep Insurance Policies and Beneficiaries Current – Review names of designated heirs and consider adding “Pontifical College Josephinum” as a recipient of a certificate of deposit (CD), bank checking accounts and savings accounts payable on death (POD), and brokerage accounts.
Review the list of beneficiaries named on your insurance policies and retirement plans, and please consider adding the Josephinum to those plans.
Review Powers of Attorney (POA) so they are current and keep all agents apprised of changes.
Sign over ownership of no-longer-needed insurance policies to the Pontifical College Josephinum or designate the Josephinum as the beneficiary.

Inventory Safe-Deposit Boxes – The Josephinum recently received a very generous gift from the estate of an alumnus who kept a coin collection in a safe deposit box. As the new year dawns, take inventory of safe-deposit boxes and include an inventory in an Estate Directives packet where your executor may find it easily.

NB: The information offered herein is derived from multiple public sources and should not be taken as legal advice. Please consult with your personal team of advisors on state laws governing the transfer of valuable possessions.

Last Will & Testament

Become an eternal steward of the House of Joseph by including the Josephinum in your estate documentation. By adding “Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, Ohio” to your Last Will & Testament, you direct your estate executor to designate a prescribed dollar amount or a percentage of your estate specifically to the Josephinum. Current estate-declaration forms may be found here and may be shared with legal and financial advisors, executors, and family members, to guarantee that your wishes are carried out.

Your name lives on at the Josephinum. Permanent named endowments made through your Last Will & Testament are known as “testamentary endowments.” As the donor, you determine funding criteria in consultation with our Rector/President. After your death, the named fund receives cash proceeds from your estate allowing it to live on forever at the Josephinum.

Make a Tribute Gift

You can honor living or deceased family members, friends, or colleagues with a gift to the Josephinum. Simply by designating this option when making a donation online, your tributes will receive special handling by the dedicated members of our Advancement Office staff.

Thank you for considering a gift to the Pontifical College Josephinum as the year 2021 draws to a close. Please reach out to us with any questions: Advancement Officer, Mr. Cody Thompson at (614) 985-2234 or Vice President, Mr. Doug Stein at (614) 985-2325.